R40 3x5 Persian Baloch Rug



R35-R39 Cushion Bags

$15 empty, $20 with pillow

R33 Sumak Persian Kilim Runner

2-3 years old

R32 Afghan Herati Rug


10-15 years old
Afghan Herati rug

R31 Tabriz Persian Rug

9x6 gorgeous deep blues, golds and crimson

R30 Handwoven Stripey Kilim

2-3 years old

R29 Mashad Persian Rug

Large 10x8
Mashad Persian Rug


R28 New Kurdish Nomadic Borchelu Rug


New Persian Carpet
Red and Navy

SOLD R27 150 KPI! Signed Mashad Persian Carpet

30-35 years old
Full vegetable dye

R26 Mood Khorasan Persian Carpet 170 KPI!

170 Knots, Mood style from Khorasan Province
Amazing quality of craftsmanship and beautiful rich earthtones make this a stunning piece
Blue, Light Brown, Rust Red, Beige, Light Blue
9'2 x 6'10
35 Years old

R 25 Malayer Persian Runner

3' 8" x 9' 10"
Circa: 1930's


R24 Arak Runner

4 x 10 30 years old


R4 Beautiful Persian Shirazi Rug

9'x6' 40 years old

This is a classic design that would look beautiful in any home.

R23 Beautiful Hand Embroidered Uzbek Cloth

6'x5' New

Great for wedding or baby gift! Display this piece on your wall or drape on furniture.

SOLD R22 Hand-picked Hand-knotted Persian Kilim


Subtle earth-tones make this Kilim the perfect choice for hardwood floors.

SOLD R21 Large Handwoven Persian Kilim


Well-worn means well-loved.
Great deal.

R20 Hip Modo Handwoven Vegetable Dye Afghan Ghanzi Kilim


Fun design and bold colors!

SOLD R19 Authentic Handmade Persian Salt Bag


Great cushion cover or wall hanging!

SOLD R18 Large Hand Woven Persian Kilim


A favorite pattern with a choice color scheme.

SOLD R17 Hand Woven Sumak Kilim

6'x5' New

Highly crafted, unique rug with hand embroidery and striking colors.

SOLS R16 Elegant Hand Woven Persian Shawl

7'x3' New

If you've ever seen these in person, then you know they are a must have. Makes a great gift.

R15 Persian Senneh Kilim Rug

4'x5' 30 years old

Rare, fascinating design with vibrant colors to energize your living space.

R14 Beautiful Rare Mashad Persian Rug

9'x6' 40 years old

This one is sure to become a family heirloom.

R13 Beautiful Unique Persian Bakhtiari Rug

10'x6' 35 years old

An intricate pattern with earthy colors -- destined for your craftsman home!

SOLD R12 Impressive Persian Mashad Rug

9'x6' New


R11 Hand woven Persian Maimana Kilim


Imagine this in a bedroom with dark walls. Beautiful.

R10 Beautiful Uzbek Hand Embroidered Cloth

6'x5' New

So intricate and lovely.

R9 Hip Boho Persian Bakhtiari Rug

8'x6' 35 years old

Lots of fun exciting colors and intricate flower power designs!

R8 Elegant Persian Yalameh Rug

7'x5' 40 years old

Magnificent and bold!

R7 Beautiful Large Vegetable-dyed Afghan Ghanzi Kilim


This classic Kilim would add pop to any Portland pad.

SOLD R6 Afghan Kurdish Rug

9'x6' 40 years old


R5 Qashqai Persian Rug

10'x7' 30 years old

Imagine what this awesome piece could do for your living or dining room!

SOLD R3 Persian Shirazi Rug

9'x6' 40 years old

Deep velvety colors and bold beautiful lines. Perfect for the Portland craftsman type home!

SOLD R2 Zanjan Persian Rug

4'x8' 30 years old

Unique pattern with rich colors. Stops you in your tracks!

SOLD R1 Baloch Persian Rug

6'x4' 35 years old

A remarkable rug. One of our very favorites. Deep plum!